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stop bullying
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A Musical Approach To Empower
Children With The Tools
To Overcome Bullying And To
Build Self-Esteem


bullying prevention
anti bullying program

We can't seem to escape hearing the stories of children hurting other children. Children bullying children is everywhere. To this end, Judy Rosebrook, a retired nurse and professional entertainer for forty years has developed Gramma Rose as a nurturing character to provide an educational, interactive, fun environment for learning life's lessons. Focusing on helping children build their self esteem through the use of songs and story time by discussing the concepts of happiness, fulfillment and the golden rule.

In developing the program, Judy has used the techniques found in the book "Do Unto Otters" by Laurie Keller. Gramma Rose, through music and story telling will teach the children about filling their own buckets and using the golden rule of do unto others.

Gramma Rose is an unconditionally loving person who will leave a lasting impression on the children which will build a better sense of self and kindness to others and she believes that good seeds must be planted when children are young, that we can change their attitudes towards school, their family and their community and that her program offers a powerful lesson. Gramma Rose provides young children with the knowledge, tools and skills that will empower them to build their self-esteem.

Gramma Rose welcomes the opportunity to present her program and hopes to hear from you soon.

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